Introducing the MT225s with Cab: Coming 2022!

Coming January 2022! MT225s Cab!

December 8, 2021

Introducing the MT225s with Cab!

The MT225s has proven to be a durable and comfortable premium compact tractor.  With a unique design allowing both a backhoe and mid-mount mower to be attached simultaneously, the MT225s can easily accomplish almost any task. The premium design featuring unprecedented comfort with a multitude of standard features, makes this tractor a true leader.

The ability of the MT225s to perform in any condition just got better…..the MT225s equipped with a premium quality dealer install cab.

MT225s with Cab outside

The MT225s cab features a high-quality design enabling an excellent fit and finish to your MT225s.  The unique ability to enable the operator to open the rear-window, easily remove the lower glass, and rotate the operator’s seat enables the backhoe to be utilized while the operator remains protected from the elements.  The MT225s with cab option will be a great fit for commercial or residential applications.  Please be watching for more details and to find your local LS Tractor dealer.

Introducing the MT225s with cab. Check the image below!

MT225s with Cab digging