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Introducing the

New MT4

Makes large projects.... small.

0 hp
New LS 2.5L Engine ROPS Model
Hours Field Tested
+ 0%
Larger interior with redesigned cabin
* New 101hp MT7101CPS launching in July
MT4 Features


  • Redesigned hood allows for improved engine performance and serviceability
  • New 73HP ROPS model
  • Improved visibility with rear LED lamp installation
  • With the new design of the cabin, the interior space is more than 15% larger


  • Wider and Improved Cushion Comfort Hip Seat
  • High Back Seat
  • TF-LCD instrument panel
  • Standard 3rd function button on Joystick
  • Convenience in diagnosis and replacement is increased by placing various controllers at the rear


  • Weight balance optimization – increased overall weight up to approximately 400 lbs‚Äč (compared to MT4 & M60)
  • E/G Frame & Front Axle Reinforcement
  • Larger size tire is available¬† (16.9-30)
  • Higher Loader lifting capacity than KBT M60, Old MT4
  • Self leveling loader (std.)

New MT4 Specs

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Won’t stop working, until you do

We didn’t just outperform our competitors, we outperformed ourselves.

Discover the new MT4

Redesigned with a new 73hp option, optimize your jobs by making them easy with the the new MT4. The new MT4 has been redesigned and positioned to offer a tractor capable of performing heavy-duty, high intensity tasks that would normally require a larger tractor in a smaller but premium package. It’s the ultimate tractor option to get the job done right.

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