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Summertime Blues Savings

Get rid of the summertime blues by stopping by your local dealer to receive a special discount on an LS Tractor.  Click on the image below, print the coupon and take it to your local LS Tractor Dealer and beat the summertime blues with LS Tractor. Click, print and save $200 with LS Tractor.

Free Loader and 0% Down

 Contact your local LS Tractor dealer and get a FREE loader and 0% down today.  PLUS, get entered to WIN an LS Tractor Cooler!   To enter, fill out the form below.  All entries receive a FREE LS Beanie** (Shipping in September). One cooler will be given away. All entries must be received by July…

LS Tractor Discounts

LS Tractor is proud to announce special discounts for military members and seniors.  Check with your local dealer and if you qualify, you can save even more.  PLUS, when you purchase a new LS tractor, you immediately quality for the BLUE ADD IMPLEMENT PROGRAM.  This gives you the ability to save on multiple units.  Stop…