Celebrating SLIs 15 Years of Starting and Staying Blue

This year, LS Tractor is proudly celebrating 15 years in the USA and Canada. Did you know that 15 years ago Apple released the iPhone 3, Bitcoin was launched, and The Office was airing live on TV? The world was quite different, huh? 15 years is a significant amount of time, and we are thrilled to celebrate alongside our outstanding dealers, customers, and employees. As part of our tribute, we are sharing stories from those who have been with us every step of the way during this 15-year journey.

Sandy Lake Implement (SLI) has been our proud partner since the very beginning and has been selling LS Tractors since 2009. However, Sandy Lake’s roots in the tractor industry run deep; they established their business in 1954 and are celebrating their 70th anniversary this year. What an achievement!

Sandy Lake Implement, located in Sandy Lake Pennsylvania, had its humble beginnings in the basement of the original owners’ home. A few years later, they began the process of moving the business from their basement into their own building just next door. Throughout the years, expansions were made, including a showroom, workshop, and office space. In 1982, the original owners entrusted the business to their three employees, passing on the legacy. Through decades of changes, SLI has persevered as a locally owned family business, showing its strong dedication to the local community.

In 2020, Sandy Lake employees Scott and Helena purchased the company and persuaded their spouses to join them in this new adventure. Since then, they have taken on several new OPE brands while remaining loyal to LS and refusing to take on another tractor line.

We asked SLI why they have partnered with us for so many years. They said being able to customize their products to fit their customers’ preferences is essential. They were pleased with our flexibility, as it has allowed them to avoid strict corporate inventory mandates and unnecessary orders. Pairing their sales expertise in tractors, and ability to offer LS branded implements, the partnership was a no brainer. Much like our satisfied customers, Sandy Lake also testifies to the fact that with LS, you truly get more value for your money.

According to Sandy Lake, some of the ways LS Tractor has grown over the last 15 years is by continually expanding our tractor line. Recently, we introduced two new models, the MT2 and MT2E, which come with various new features. Additionally, our brand awareness has grown as we’ve concentrated on marketing efforts, making us more recognizable among small and medium-sized farmers and hobbyists. In recent years, LS has begun providing training sessions for sales and service, and we’ve enhanced customer accessibility to find parts and equipment through our website.

Every day, SLI aims to improve as an LS dealer, surpassing their previous accomplishments. They strive to increase tractor sales, expand their parts inventory, and ensure their technicians stay certified. Their goal is to become LS Tractor’s largest single-location dealership. Sandy Lake is looking forward to the next 15 years with LS. When asked about their vision for the future, they mentioned ongoing growth with a broader range of equipment, including higher horsepower tractors. We like the sound of that! Sandy Lake’s mentions could be hinting at some exciting advancements from LS Tractor in the future.

We are so honored to have partners like the team at Sandy Lake Implement. We cherish our life-long dealers and are proud to share their profound stories. As we take the time to celebrate these last 15 years in North America, we are also looking forward to the next 15 years and what the future brings for LS Tractor and LS Tractor dealers.

By April Morgan Posted on March 11, 2024