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New MT2 & MT2E Series

A tractor that will outperform expectations at a price you won’t believe. Start Blue. Stay Blue.

MT2 & MT2E
+ 0-22%
Load Lift Capacity
Hours Field Tested
+ 0%
Backhoe Digging Depth

We didn’t have to

We didn’t have to improve load lift capacity by up to 22%. We already had the competition beat. And we didn’t have to increase the backhoe’s digging depth by 30%.* But we did. And now, after more than a 1000 hours of testing from the scorching heat of Texas to the frigid air of Michigan, the new 2024 MT2 & MT2E models are here.



Experience unmatched power with the new MT2 & MT2E tractor series. Cruise control and linked pedal functionalities enhance productivity, providing improved functionality and operator comfort.



Maximize your efficiency with the impressive capacity of the new MT2 & MT2E tractor series. Enjoy a larger lifting capacity, with the MT225 LL3001 capable of lifting 1965 lbs. and the new MT2E LL3003 lifting an incredible 2505 lbs.



Elevate your performance with the new MT2 & MT2E tractor series. The E/G RPM interlocking switch, standard on these models, optimizes fuel efficiency at low RPM and allows for instant increases in loader speed/lift capacity when needed.

New MT2 Specs

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More than 1000 hours of testing

We didn’t just outperform our competitors, we outperformed ourselves.

Discover the new MT2

Unleash the future of farming with the new MT2 & MT2E series. Redefining excellence, it features advanced design, increased lifting capacity, and state-of-the-art technology. Elevate your agricultural experience—Explore the MT2 today for unmatched power and innovation.

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