Transforming Rural Property with an LS Tractor

Before purchasing an LS Tractor, Bob’s rural property had more challenges than opportunities. Spread across 5 acres, with 3 of those acres covered in dense woods and construction debris left behind by the previous owner, Bob found himself putting projects on hold. The wooded area was overgrown and unwelcoming, with fallen trees and thick brush making it nearly impassable. Clearing the land and turning it into a usable, beautiful space appeared to be an overwhelming task.

Bob’s search for a solution initially led him to Kubota. Bob passed a local Kubota all the time on his way to Auburn to visit his children and decided to stop by. The Kubota salesperson was pushy with their sales tactics and talked negative about competitors, which ended up pushing Bob away and postponing his search for a tractor yet again.

An unexpected opportunity to audition for an LS Tractor commercial is what introduced Bob to the brand. As luck would have it, both Bob and his son were casted in the commercial, providing firsthand experience of the genuine passion and enthusiasm the LS family had for their product. Within weeks of the shoot, the decision was made to invest in an LS Tractor.

What sold Bob on LS was not just the affordability compared to other brands, but also the genuine enthusiasm and authenticity displayed by the LS team. During the commercial shoot, Bob met a company that wasn’t solely focused on selling a product but sincerely believed in the value it could bring to customers. Bob has worked on

many commercials, where the main goal is usually to get people to spend money. But LS’s commercial felt different; it seemed to honestly express excitement for the product and aimed to inform consumers about what the tractor line could do for them. Bob made his purchase 2 weeks later.

Since purchasing his LS Tractor, Bob has transformed his property. He has cleared 8-10 trees and removed tons of gravel and rocks. Using his bush hog and rake on his MT125, the wooded area has been meticulously manicured. What once seemed like an impossible task has become not only achievable but enjoyable, thanks to Bob’s new LS Tractor.

If Bob were to describe his experience with LS Tractor in one word, it would be “friendly.” From the personalized service to the genuine passion for their product, working with LS Tractor has been a refreshingly positive experience from start to finish.