From Test Drives to Generosity: LS Tractor’s Contribution to Ag Education

At the beginning of this year, we launched our new MT2 and MT2E Series with a brand-new design and updated features. Before this release, we decided to do some testing. A few of our dealers, some colleagues, and two local colleges helped us out by testing our new products. The testing made sure our products performed successfully in a variety of environments and were ready for our customers. To return the friendly favor, LS Tractor has decided to donate two MT2E tractors to the colleges in hopes to assist in the advancement of agricultural higher education. The two schools that will be receiving the tractors are Edgecombe Community College and Nash Community College, both neighbors of our Headquarters in Battleboro, North Carolina.

Edgecombe Community College

Founded in 1967, Edgecombe Community College (ECC) has been serving the educational, training, and cultural needs of Edgecombe County and surrounding areas. They have two campuses located in Tarboro and Rocky Mount and offer online classes. The college serves about 5,500 individuals annually and in 2023, ECC was named as one of the top 150 institutions by the Aspen Institute.

ECC’s Agribusiness Technology Department will be utilizing the tractor. The Agribusiness Technology Department prepares students to manage agricultural business and agriculturally related operations with diversified corporations. The program aims to equip individuals with the entrepreneurial and technical skills required to manage sustainable, community-focused small farm or agricultural enterprises. Students will have the opportunity to develop hands-on skills by learning to operate, drive, and maintain the tractor.

“We were excited to be offered the chance to test the LS Tractor. Partnerships like this are great for community colleges. We would like to thank Mr. Travis Bowlin and all the staff at LS Tractor who made this experience great! After successfully testing a great product, we were certainly overwhelmed to hear that LS Tractor was donating a tractor to our program. Thank you so much LS Tractor!”

Nash Community College

Nash Community College is located in Rocky Mount North Carolina and is a public two-year post-secondary educational institution with an open-door admissions policy. Since its establishment in 1967, Nash Community College has annually served around 12,000 individuals. Providing a diverse range of academic programs, 99 in total, the college offers pathways leading to degrees, diplomas, or certificates.

The MT2E’s initial use will be for maintenance staff to maintain the College campus, however the College is in the process of planning to offer an agricultural related continuing education program. Nash Community College has recently began offering a heavy equipment operator course which will utilize the tractor for instructional purposes. Currently, students in the Heavy Equipment Program use the excavator, backhoe, forklift, and a simulated skid steer system. The MT2E with additional implements will be a great addition for students to learn from.

Greg Deans, NCC’s Director of Facilities shares, “Having the opportunity to test one of the LS models, I was very impressed with the overall features of this tractor.”

Importance of Agriculture Higher Education

 LS Tractor recognizes the importance of higher education, especially in the agricultural community, where continuous learning is often essential for career advancement. As one of the latest models in the market, the MT2E will provide students with hands-on experience with machinery they’ll encounter in their professional lives. By donating these tractors, we hope to support numerous students in reaching their goals and progressing toward successful careers in the future.

The official donation will be announced on May 10th, 2024, at LS Tractor’s new plant’s Grand Opening ceremony in Battleboro, North Carolina. We are happy to have both Edgecombe and Nash Community Colleges there to celebrate with us. We appreciate all you do for our local community, your support in developing students’ growth, and your advocacy for the importance of higher education in agricultural studies.