February Farm Show Kickoff

LS Tractor took a ride on the infamous February farm show tour. Two of the largest farm shows in the country just so happen to fall during the same week, and even over-lap event days. While we are not sure why these two events are scheduled this way, we were thrilled to take on the adventure of traveling from one side of the country to the other to see what’s the latest and greatest in the ag industry. We started our trip in Raleigh, North Carolina, and flew to Tulare, California for the World Ag Expo show. After a few days in California, we flew back to the east coast to Louisville, Kentucky for the National Farm Machinery show. Keep reading as we share some background of each event, which LS Tractor products were present, and some interesting sights that were seen!

World Ag Expo – Tulare, California

Up first on our farm show expedition, was the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. This show is the largest annual outdoor ag show in the US with over 1,200 exhibitors on 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. The attendance is more than 100,000 people each year. LS Tractor has been attending the World Ag show for a few years now and look forward to it each year. This year we had 17 tractors on display and welcomed several of our local California dealers, who eagerly engaged with both new customers and the loyal attendees who make it a tradition to join us at the World Ag show annually.

While enjoying the sun and the beautiful California weather, attendees walked around the show, treated to a wide range of farm equipment. Among the attractions was some impressive state-of-the-art machinery, showcasing the latest innovations in the ag industry. The food at this show was very noteworthy; from hearty breakfast burritos to savory short rib sandwiches, providing yet another reason to drop by. At our booth, we featured our Limited-Edition Mossy Oak Camo tractor, our new MT2 and MT2E models, and some exciting new prototypes. The booth next to ours had a t-shirt cannon going off nearly every hour. It was fun to watch the crowds come up and try to catch a t-shirt…it gave us some ideas…maybe next year, you’ll have to come out to the World Ag Expo to see what we have in store in 2025.

National Farm Machinery Show – Louisville, Kentucky

Our next stop was Louisville, Kentucky for the National Farm Machinery Show. This is the country’s largest indoor farm show. This show is held at the Kentucky Exposition Center and offers 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space with 300,000 in attendance every year. At this show, LS Tractor showcased select models, featuring our new MT2 series and of course our MT122 sitting high and pretty on top of our impressive booth. At our booth, you can see a large LS decal logo, and two counters, one which contained some awesome giveaway items that may have been big enough to fit an actual person inside… you had to be there.

At National Farm, ag equipment comes to shine. This show is all about who is flashier and snazzier. Our spectacular shipping container booth speaks volumes about LS Tractor as a brand. While we can certainly make a stylish impression, at our core, we are hardworking and capable of creating something meaningful from scratch. This show was a lot of fun, lots of families came out to browse the latest and greatest in ag equipment and the kids really enjoyed our Limited-Edition Mossy Oak tractor.

This week marked a successful kick off to the show season for us. 2024 is a big year for LS Tractor, with plenty in store throughout the year. Naturally, we made it a priority to attend both largest agricultural shows in the US. We have a lot more shows and events coming up so be sure to check out our events calendar on our website to find LS events near you! We’ll see you at the World Ag Expo and National Farm next year!