Tips & Tricks for New Tractor Owners

Are you looking to purchase your first tractor? Well, you are in the right place. We just so happen to sell those fine blue machines you have had your eye on. Before jumping right into purchasing your first tractor, there are a few things to consider. A tractor is an important investment that you will spend hours operating on your property. We want to make sure you are prepared to make the right choice in your farming equipment with our tips & tricks for new tractor owners.

First things first, how much horsepower do you need? To answer this question, you need to think about your property and your projects. Say you have around 5 acres of land and want to make landscaping and mowing a more attainable task, you are looking at the mid 20 horsepower range and would want to consider a sub-compact tractor, specifically our MT1 series.  If you have around 10 acres, a compact tractor that ranges from 30-60 horsepower would better suit your needs. This horsepower can handle heavier tasks such as mowing your larger property, gardening, animal management and digging! Say your property is closer to 20 acres, you would be looking for a tractor in the 50-200 horsepower range. If this is the size of your land and you have heavier duty tasks, you may want to consider one of our utility tractors such as the MT4, MT5 or MT7. We offer a large line of sub-compact, compact, and utility tractors to explore. Remember to pay attention to horsepower and loader lift capacity when choosing the right model for your chores. Explore our lineup here!

Something else to consider when exploring tractor options would be the transmission type. Like horsepower, the type of land you have and projects you want to conquer will play into this decision. There are five types of transmissions on our tractors: Hydrostatic, Mechanical Shuttle, Power Clutch, Power Shuttle and Semi-PowerShift. Projects that don’t require a consistent speed, such as lawn or garden tasks, and loader work are best suited for Hydrostatic. Larger properties with tougher terrain or tasks such as tilling or heavy-duty hauling would be more attainable with a Mechanical Shuttle, Power Clutch, Power Shuttle or Semi-Powershift transmission since these transmissions convert power from the engine to the wheels more efficiently. These five types of transmissions are something else to consider before purchasing your first tractor. Just keep in mind the types of projects you would want to use it for.

Another important aspect to consider before buying your first tractor, is budget. Budget is not a fun subject, but it is necessary. You typically wouldn’t walk into a dealership to purchase a car without checking your bank account. You also don’t go on Zillow and put an offer on a house without knowing how much you can afford. The same goes for tractors. They are big investments that also come with the big reward of being able to self-sufficiently carry out tasks on your own property. So before jumping in, check those accounts and make sure you are ready for this venture.

As you may have heard, all our tractors come with a free own front-end loader! This machine is your best friend for moving and digging dirt, gravel, sand, and really anything you need to move. What other chores do you have on your to-do list? Knowing which tasks, you want to accomplish might help you decide which attachments or implements you might want to add!

A final piece of advice for the future tractor owner would be to utilize your local dealer. Your dealer is your own personal expert for all things tractors and attachments! They will happily advise you on the best machine for your property. We know this because our dealer network is comprised of honest, hard-working individuals with expertise in the field you have now found interest in. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with your local dealer today and get the tractor of your dreams.