Supporting the Future of Agriculture – Kevin’s Tractor

Kevin, owner of Kevin’s Tractor Parts in Benton, Louisiana has been in the agriculture business for over 40 years. If anyone knows the importance of a good tractor, it’s Kevin. Kevin’s two daughters, Kimberly and Michelle also work at the dealership and have both benefited from programs provided by the local Technical High School Programming in Bossier Parish Schools. The family business saw a need in their community that they could help fulfill. Kevin’s Tractor Parts happily partnered with the school and was able to get agriculture students into a brand-new 2023 LS MT225s.

When the original tractor that was supplied by the agriculture program came into the shop for repairs, Kimberly took it in. Using her sales knowledge and experience in the field, she suggested the school make a trade for a newer, comparable LS Tractor that would benefit the students in the program. The school board agreed, and this exchange was put into action. While repairs were made on the original tractor, Michelle used her 20 years of experience in education to see how their business could make a difference in the lifelong learning of the high school students. Thanks to the family business’ strong community values, students will be able to learn from both old and new equipment. This partnership would be just the beginning for these future farmers.

The Agriculture Program at Bossier Parish School for Technology and Innovative Learning is empowering future farmers. The agriculture program introduces students to processes like raising eggs, chickens, bees, honey, goats and hogs, community gardening, and has plans for expansion as the program grows. As the program grows, so does the need for proper farm equipment. The MT225s will allow students to work on a tractor from this decade and gain important knowledge with machines they will see out in the field. For students to be better prepared for graduation, it is important for them to have training with the proper equipment.

Getting through high school is tough enough, but with the help of the Agriculture Program and Kevin’s Tractor, these students will be able to gain important knowledge to prepare them for their future in agriculture. Kevin’s also provided students with a finish mower, tiller, loader, and a Woods rotary cutter. With these tools, students learn maintenance of the equipment, how to care for animals, how to cut pasture, till a garden and so much more!

Kevin’s Tractor gave back to a community that serves all of us. Without agriculture, there wouldn’t be any farmers, and without farmers, a lot of people would be very hungry. The importance of ag goes far beyond farming; students learn how to cultivate a sustainable way of life. Approximately 200 students are now able to learn hands-on with new equipment thanks to the incredible folk at Kevin’s Tractor Parts. Due to their thoughtfulness, these students are truly able to Start Blue. AND Stay Blue. with their new LS Tractor.