LSTA in the USA

Did you know LS Tractor has been making tractors since 1977? It’s true! In 1977, Korea Heavy Industries and Construction Company began production of a new line of tractors in Gunpo, South Korea in collaboration with Fiat. Then, in 1983, LS Mtron acquired KHIC’s tractor division and LS Tractor was officially born. In 1997, LG Machinery took the next big step in becoming a worldwide company and started exporting machinery overseas.  In 2003, LS Mtron spun off the LG Group, which is known for their electronics, and became the best-selling tractor in South Korea in 2013. Tractors are made in our state-of-the-art factory in South Korea and then shipped overseas to plants in Brazil, China and right here in America.

LS Tractor USA, or LSTA, was founded in 2009 and we quickly signed an OEM, or Outside Equipment Manufacturer, agreement with Case/ New Holland to provide tractors for their lower HP lines. Once all the paperwork was finished, we chose Battleboro, North Carolina as our new North American Headquarters and main assembly plant.

Once the tractors arrive from South Korea, they head to one of our three assembly plants: North Carolina, Louisiana, or California. Once at their respective plant, our assembly team works tirelessly to get the tractors ready for their new home. Our assembly teams do everything from putting on the needed tires, to installing cabs or ROPS systems, to adding any extra accessories, such as our front-end loaders or mid-deck mowers. Once the tractors are ready to go, they are shipped to your local dealer where you can pick up the newest member of your team!

Finding a dealer in your neck of the woods won’t be a problem either! LS Tractor USA has a dealer network of over 350 independently owned and operated dealerships across the United States and Canada, so chances are you have a friendly face right down the road who can answer any of your LS Tractor questions. If there isn’t a dealer located near you, don’t worry! We are constantly adding new, qualified dealers who can provide our legendary LS Service.

LS Tractor USA also has a robust parts network for your local dealer. Our parts department, headquartered just a few miles away from our Battleboro HQ, prides itself on quickly getting your dealer the parts they need to keep your LS Tractor in top shape.

Although most of our full-time staff works out of our Battleboro HQ, in 2021 we opened a new Sales and Marketing Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, just minutes away from RDU Airport and the famed Research Triangle Park. This new location allows us to recruit new team members from areas such as Duke University, NC State University, UNC Chapel Hill, and from the many tech companies that call the region home.

As you can see, with dealers in every state and throughout Canada, a parts network that ensures your tractor stays ready for whatever you need it for, and assembly plants across America, LS Tractor USA is well equipped to help build America’s future: one project at a time.