LS Tractor Stands Out by Blending In

You know what’s the problem with a camo tractor? You probably never saw it coming… until now. LS Tractor is the first tractor of camo! All hunters, fishers, and outdoor fanatics get ready because we are proudly partnering with the legendary Mossy Oak Gamekeepers!


On February 2nd the Mossy Oak Gamekeepers team traveled to LS Tractor’s headquarters in Battleboro, North Carolina. During this exciting meet up, LS Tractor hosted their guests for an official signing ceremony to announce the partnership. This event consisted of a tour of our plant, a meeting with our CEO, lunch, and of course a photo with the camo tractor!


If you haven’t heard of Mossy Oak Gamekeepers, they are very important to Mossy Oak’s mission and represent key values in conservation, stewardship, and legacy. Being a Gamekeeper means taking ownership of your land and taking care of your environment so that future generations can continue to enjoy it. The Gamekeepers have many informing articles, a podcast, and a TV show. They provide plenty of resources to all outdoor enthusiasts. So, make sure to check them out at


Here at LS, we hold values of stewardship extremely high, and want to bring more education on tractor use specific to your land and your goals. Are you interested in learning more about food plotting and soil health? What about preparing your equipment for the winter months? We are excited that this partnership with Gamekeepers will allow more access to important information and education.


We were so excited to welcome the Mossy Oak Gamekeepers team to Battleboro and enjoyed collaborating and getting to know one another. This corporate sponsorship is only the beginning. We have some exciting things coming up so stay tuned for more from LS Tractor and Mossy Oak Gamekeepers!