LS Tractor Gives Back to the Community

Recently, our team at LS Tractor participated in a highway cleanup, in participation with the NC DOT. We adopted a 2-mile stretch of Hwy 48 near our U.S. headquarters in Battleboro, NC.

Why a Highway Cleanup?

Highway cleanups are essential for maintaining the beauty of our roadsides and preserving the environment. Litter along highways poses serious threats to local ecosystems and wildlife. These cleanups help restore the natural beauty of our surroundings while enhancing road safety for all.

LS Tractor: A Commitment to Sustainability

LS Tractor has long been an advocate for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our commitment extends beyond actively participating in initiatives that make a real difference. This sponsorship aligns perfectly with our mission to create a cleaner, greener future.

The Cleanup Process

The highway cleanup sponsored by LS Tractor involved employees volunteering their time and efforts to pick up litter along a designated stretch of highway. Here’s how it worked:


  1. Planning: LS Tractor collaborated with local environmental organizations and government authorities to identify a suitable stretch of highway that needed cleaning. This planning phase is crucial to ensure that the cleanup efforts are focused and effective.
  2. Safety Measures: Safety is a top priority. Volunteers were provided with proper safety gear, including reflective vests, gloves, and litter-picking tools. The safety of all participants, as well as passing motorists, was paramount.
  3. Environmental Impact: During the cleanup, volunteers collected various forms of litter, including plastic bags and bottles. This not only beautifies the area but also prevents these items from further damaging the environment.


Our team at LS Tractor was proud to cleanup the community we call home, and we will be doing this again soon.