It’s Showtime!

Opening Day: an occasion every sports fan loves. As the offseason ends, fans race to see what exciting new changes their team made. Will the rookie get a home run on his first at bat? What weirdly bright color will the local NFL team wear as their alternate jerseys? Will this be the year that your NHL team brings home Lord Stanley’s Cup? Excitement builds as the season gets closer and closer until finally, it’s time to start the season. But why should sports teams get all the fun? Here at LS Tractor, it’s almost opening day for our favorite time of the year: Farm Show Season.


Are you new to the Farm Show scene? Let’s go over some basics for you. The Season runs in two halves, starting in early August. Shows continue almost every week until late October, which is when most farmers start harvesting their crops. The Season picks back up in January and wraps up in late February or early March. Farm Shows are held all across the US and Canada during this time and can be either indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both, depending on the region and the time of year.


Much like how your favorite team shows off their new players on opening day, tractor companies showcase their newest products during Farm Show Season. Most of the time, Farm Shows are the first place members of the public can interact with new tractors and new technology. Think of it as a meet and greet with your local team: you’ll get to see your old favorites but also get a glimpse at the future players who just may end up being your kids favorite.


New products aren’t the only thing you get to interact with at Farm Shows. Have you ever wanted the chance to talk to the coach and let him know how you really feel about a player? Company Representatives attend all major shows, so don’t be afraid to visit and talk to them! If you see a tractor you want to bring home to your team, your local dealer will be in attendance to help you find the best option for you. Think of it as having your very own agent who will walk you through the buying process and make sure your tractor is the best fit for you.


Want to know when your local show is? Make sure you follow us on social media and see when our team will be near you! Stop by and tell us why you love your LS or let us tell you why you should be the next member of Team LS. We have lots of surprises in store for you this Season and are excited to meet each and every one of you at our booth.


Opening Day will be August 2nd at Empire Farm Days in New York. We’ll bring the tractors; you bring the peanuts and crackerjacks.