Field Facts: Landscaping with a MT1

Welcome to Field Facts! This is LS Tractor’s brand-new blog series centered around discussing your land and the best tractor models and attachments to fit your property. In this first chapter we are going to talk about landscaping with our sub-compact MT1 Series.

If you are new here and wondering, what is a sub-compact tractor? A sub-compact tractor is typically smaller in size and price point compared to a compact or utility tractor. There is so much you can do with this little blue tractor and at a great cost too.


Mowing can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the MT1 you can easily mow with precision when you add a mid-mount mower. The LM160 is compatible with both MT1 models: the MT122 and the MT125. The mower is easy to install especially on a flat surface. You may be saying, why don’t I just get a mower? Well, you may be depriving yourself of the comfort the MT1 provides for those long rides. Also, if there are other tasks besides mowing you want to do, you may want to invest in a sub-compact tractor.


Gardening is another task that can be accomplished with a sub-compact tractor. Any summer vegetables you are thinking about growing this season? Tomatoes, peppers, or squash? A tiller is a great attachment to add to your LS to get that land ready for planting. You don’t need a big tractor to build a garden your momma would be proud of.


This summer I bet you want to be sitting by your pool sipping a fruity drink while the landscapers clean up your yard…well maybe not but you can dream about it while riding your LS tractor. With your free LS loader, you can move dirt and pick up heavy rocks that are in the way of that garden you are planning on building. Having a smaller tractor is also beneficial to get in those tight spaces especially between trees or heavy logs. Or just pick them up with your loader and move them out of the way!


Finally, you have got to take care of those animals (if you have them). The loader on your MT1 can lift and move feed so they don’t get hungry. With your LS, you can also build a fence to keep those pesky pets from running away. The best part, your tractor can help with cleaning up manure. But hey, that’s free soil for that garden bed, right?

The landscaping tasks are endless with a sub-compact tractor. Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to tractors. You want a machine that is going to work best for your property.