Field Facts: Gearing Your Tractor Up for a Winter Wonderland

It’s almost that time of year again… snow season! You either love or hate it. For some of our colder regions, it’s necessary to have the right tools to clear out snow. If you aren’t out building snowmen or making snow angels, but rather need the cold stuff out of the way, we have the tools for you. With the right LS attachment, you can be prepared for the coldest winter storm.

Snow Blade

First up, we’ve got the snow front blade, which is essentially a powerful plow that can scoop up large amounts of snow with a curved, angled blade. The snow blade is good for removing snow from larger areas such as parking lots and lawns. Blades are easy to use and with minimal care, they can last for years.

The LS Tractor snow blade fits both the loader-mount and sub frame-mount and is compatible with our MT1 and MT2s models. LS Tractor snow blades also have an adjustable shock absorber to protect the blade from damage, a variable skid for easy height adjustments, and the option of a rubber blade that can protect the ground and clean up even more.

Snow Blower

Our second snow attachment is the snow blower, which is great for swiftly moving snow out of the way. This attachment pulls snow into the machine and throws it a great distance out of the hydraulic chute, clearing a nice path. Snow blowers can be used to clear sidewalks and driveways. With a snow blower, it’s easier to see in front of you and the smaller size makes it more maneuverable than a blade, however, annual maintenance and inspection is recommended due to the mechanical function.

We offer a variety of snow blowers that are compatible with models ranging from our MT2 to our MT3, as well as the XJ. For more information on which models are compatible, visit our website or ask your local LS Tractor dealer.

When faced with the decision between a snow blade and a snow blower, the ultimate choice is yours and what works best for your property. You may want to consider the size of the area that needs to be cleared, your preference for manual or mechanized operation, and the specific demands of your winter environment. Both options serve as valuable tools to combat the challenges this winter. Whichever direction you go in, you may find yourself with additional time to create your own snowman.