Educating Our Dealers

Have you ever heard the saying “When you marry someone, you also marry their family”? Tractor buying is no different. When you go looking for a new tractor to use around your house or farm, you are not only choosing a tractor company, you are also choosing a local dealer! Here at LS Tractor, we know that your local dealer is one of the most important people in your tractor owning life, so we make sure that our dealers are educated on our products and services and they have the support they need.


Throughout the year, LS Tractor offers several training classes all around the nation to help ensure our dealer network is up to date on all of our newest products. These trainings not only offer informative presentations with LS staff, they also allow your local dealer to have hands on training using our new tractors and implements so they can help you with any question you may have. Do you need to know if you need a Root Rake or a Root Grapple? Ask your dealer!


Are you needing to have your tractor serviced? We train on that too! Our parts and service department holds multiple service trainings to help your local dealers service staff learn the tips and tricks that can get your tractor serviced and back out working for you as quick as possible. And if your dealer needs some backup, our service department has service managers all over the US and Canada to make sure that your dealer has the support and resources they need.


Between Service Trainings, Dealer Trainings, and Conferences and Workshops, we offer over 11 weeks of training throughout the year! With all of this training, you can rest easy knowing that you are buying a tractor from a dealer who knows what they are talking about. After all, when you buy a tractor, you are joining their family. With our dealer support services, we make sure that our dealers are your fun cousin who you love seeing and not that weird uncle you avoid. So go pay your local LS dealer a visit and come join our family today!