Customer Success Story: K&K Farms

We wanted to share an open letter from customer Ken from K&K Farms, a satisfied LS customer who wanted to share his story with us!

“I used to own one of those green tractors. It did me well, but I needed a little more power and a lot more lift ability. I was driving by Nagy Tractors in Omer, MI and stopped in on a whim. I was immediately impressed with how nice everyone was there, so I talked with the salesman about my tractor needs. He told me the LS story and showed me a few. I fell in love with the XR3135HC. I was kind of scared since it was so much cheaper with so many more accessories, and I didn’t know the brand.

From the day I got it home, it greatly outperformed my last tractor. When needed, the service has been nothing but impressive and parts readily available. After using it to tear down fences, pull posts, haul logs, clean out the animal pens, and move rocks my wife didn’t like, I’m sold on LS forever. The only big problem I ever had was tearing loose the hydraulic return tube when driving over a pile of branches and logs. The dealer quickly sent someone out to fix it at home.

The LS product is amazing and the people selling and servicing them are 2nd to none. I now try to find more reasons to be on the tractor.”


Ken Roberts

VERY satisfied customer