LS Tractor Announces Partnership with Mossy Oak Gamekeepers

LS Tractor is the Official Tractor of Camo

Battleboro, N.C. – January 20, 2023 – LS Tractor USA announces its partnership with Mossy Oak, the enterprise best known for perfecting the art of camouflage and helping Gamekeepers thrive in their outdoor passions. On February 2nd, the Mossy Oak team will travel to LS Tractor’s headquarters in Battleboro, North Carolina for an official signing ceremony to announce LS Tractor as the Official Tractor of Mossy Oak Gamekeepers.

Mossy Oak was founded in 1986 by CEO Toxey Haas. Since then, this innovative and diversified camouflage brand has grown into an organization that appeals to all outdoor enthusiasts. With strong roots in wildlife and land conservation, they hold values that LS Tractor is proud to represent.

“My tractor is the first and most important piece of equipment I look to for working on and caring for my land. Everyone that can should own or have access to one. At Mossy Oak Gamekeepers we are excited about our new partnership with the LS Tractor brand! We have tested and used them extensively in the last year and seriously could not be more pleased. The quality and engineering are superb, and they offer the full range for almost all land management and habitat improvement needs. In simple terms, they are really well made!” Explains Toxey Haas, CEO and Founder of Mossy Oak.

LS Tractor is partnering with Mossy Oak Gamekeepers to highlight the importance of taking care of your land. The Gamekeepers provide information and tips about wildlife management through a variety of platforms including their magazine, podcast, and Gamekeepers TV. This partnership will bring more education on tractor usage, fun giveaways, and opportunities for local dealer engagement.

Toxey enlightens, “Plus they really do care about listening to those land management consumers and developing their products for those needs. I have been very impressed with the diversified range of models and options they offer. Anyone out there shopping for their next tractor should strongly consider an LS, not only to be better Gamekeepers to just simply better enjoy a life outdoors!”

Mike Kim, CEO of LS Tractor USA declares, “I’m very excited for our partnership with Mossy Oak! We’re honored to be working alongside such a reputable company, and we’re thrilled for what the future holds!”

An LS Tractor is the tool every Gamekeeper needs to live a lifestyle that represents Mossy Oak’s core values of wildlife conservation. To learn more about how to become a Mossy Oak Gamekeeper, visit

LS Tractor is known for building top-quality, high-value tractors. LS Tractor USA, along with their parent company LS Mtron, are a part of the LG family, one of the largest corporations in South Korea with annual sales of $30 billion. LS Tractor specializes in tractors ranging from 22 to 101 horsepower. The Company offers a full line of subcompact, compact, and utility tractors as well as a growing list of implements and attachments. Headquartered in Battleboro, North Carolina with additional assembly plants located in Louisiana and California, LS Tractor is committed to providing personal customer service and quality products through an exceptional dealer network throughout the U.S. and Canada.