Free Loader

We all have one of those people that is in your circle of friends. You know: the people who constantly ask to borrow your truck or your lawn mower, invite themselves over for dinner on steak night, and who somehow always ends up at your house on Game Day without having the decency to bring any snacks. We’re talking about the freeloaders in your life.

Here at LS Tractor, we can’t do much about those freeloaders, but we can help you out with a free loader! All this year, when you purchase any of our tractors you get a free loader. It’s just that simple!

Yeah, you read that right: ANY of our tractors. Maybe you want to get the MT125 to help out around your home garden. Or do you, much like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, need more power? We have tractors all the way up to the 100 Horsepower MT7 to help you with whatever issue life sends you. And with lift capacities up to 5100 lbs (depending on model), chances are you can just lift that problem out of your way.

Are you a first-time tractor owner? Your friendly neighborhood dealer will be glad to show you the ropes so you can have the confidence you need to get your work done (and to not run over your neighbor’s prize roses). For even easier operation, check out our models with hydrostatic transmissions: just push the forward pedal to go forward and the reverse pedal to back up. No clutch required.

So what are you waiting for? Go to to find your closest dealer and join the LS Family today! Just a fair warning though: getting an LS Tractor with a free loader will cause more freeloaders in your life, but now you can just move them out of your way.