April Showers Brings May Mowing

Dads, it’s time to break out those (formerly) white sneakers and rejoice: it’s almost lawn mowing season! We know you probably already have your old trusty mower that has lived through five different presidents, but this year why not finally retire it and upgrade to a mower that can do so much more than just cut grass?

Our Subcompact MT1 Series or the larger MT225s with available mid-mount mower deck can make lawn work a breeze. Not only can you keep your yard in picture perfect picnic shape with it’s 60” cutting width, but you can also haul away limbs and help put out a fresh layer of mulch by purchasing your tractor with our ever-popular front loader! (Did we mention the front loader is currently free with any tractor purchase? It’s true!) Need to plant some greenery while you’re outside? Check out our backhoe attachment as well to help with all your digging needs. All our mid-mount mower decks come with adjustable cutting heights, three blades, and include a comprehensive warranty backed by our legendary LS Service Team.

Using any of our mid-mower deck equipped tractors is easy due toh our hydrostatic transmissions. Just put the tractor in the range you need and press the pedal to go forwards or reverse. Now you can let your older kids do the yard work and not have to listen to the excuse that they can’t drive a manual transmission! It’s really a win-win.

Is your lawn in need of some hard work? Bring in the big guns with our pull-behind finishing mowers. Our finishing mowers have a cutting width of up to 84” so they will have no problem cutting any mowing job down to size.

So your grass is cut but now what do you do with all of the grass clippings? Don’t worry friends: LS has you covered there as well. Ask your dealer about our available grass catchers so you don’t have to worry about the clean-up after doing your chores.

Look, we get it: your old mower has been with you through thick and thin. But why should you use three machines, a wheelbarrow and a shovel when one LS can do it all. As an added bonus, you can keep those white Reeboks clean and impress all your other friends at the local hardware store. Buy your LS for cutting your grass, keep it for everything else. And trust us: you’ll find all kinds of ways to use it.