MT225E Tractor
MT225E Tractor

The MT225E Series is a high-value and feature rich compact utility tractor.  Featuring high-capacity front-loader and three-point hitch is only the start of what this tractor series provides.  Additional deluxe features like an electric engaged Independent PTO come standard.

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 1,609 lbs. tractor iconHITCH LIFT 1,808 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 24.6 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 19.2 HP


XJ Tractor
LS Tractor pdf

The XJ Series offers versatility that compact customers appreciate. Ample strength and durability allows you to work all day with a large number of LS implements and attachments.  The XJ is not simply limited to a tractor and loader configuration, it can be equipped with a backhoe, mid-mount mower, snow blower, as well numerous three-point implements.  Versatility and performance make this compact tractor a leader.

dumbbell iconLOADER LIFT CAPACITY 1,276 lbs. tractor iconHITCH LIFT 1,433 lbs.
lightning iconENGINE HP 24.4 HP tractor wheel iconPTO HP 18.5 HP