Win the Ultimate Jackpot!

As you walk through the casino doors, it smells just like the last time you were there. The bright lights nearly blind you when you enter the building. As you gaze the room for your favorite machine, you see an elderly woman sitting there playing, zoned out and not even paying any attention to how much money she is spending. You are about to leave to find a different machine when she slowly stands up and scurries away. This is your chance; this is the moment you have been waiting for! You sit in the uncomfortably warm seat, look at the screen and pull the comically oversized lever. JACKPOT! You just won $7 a day for life! Now, what should you spend that money on? Don’t worry friend: we’ve got you covered.

For a limited time, you can get your very own MT122 with a FREE front end loader for zero down, 0% interest, 84 months, all for as low as $7 a day! That’s right! You can get our 21.5 horsepower workhorse for just $7 a day. Sounds like you just hit the jackpot twice.

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