LS Is Built by Families

Have you ever walked into a car dealership just wanting to browse and a salesperson bombards you with all kinds of questions? Do you wish in that moment that you could have a real conversation with someone? That is something you don’t have to worry about when you step inside an LS Dealership. At LS you can expect to feel like part of the family. We got to feel that warm fuzzy feeling last week when we visited Robison Equipment.

Robison Equipment is located in the charming town of Thompson, Ohio which is about 45 minutes outside of Cleveland. Despite this being a small town, the dealership is a very busy location that proudly sells only LS Tractors. They are also a third-generation dealership that has been a part of the LS family since the very beginning. Recently they have had great success using one of our sales programs, so we decided to pay them a visit to learn a little bit more about their success.

When we first walked into the dealership, we noticed a handwritten sign on the window that said “LS Tractors sold here” which Rachel, owner of Robison Equipment, told us was written by her 9-year-old daughter. Rachel then showed us around their newly renovated store; we were very impressed with all the work that has gone into updating the store. Rachel pointed out a framed picture of their family. The photo included Rachel, her husband PJ who owns the store with her, their two daughters, and photoshopped in by a family member, were his great-grandparents who first opened the shop. These small moments show how special family-owned businesses are.

While we were looking at their inventory, almost every vehicle that passed waved to Rachel. The small-town feel was so friendly; you could tell they put their customers first at Robison. We are so lucky to have dealers like Robison Equipment representing us. So, the next time a car salesman makes you question life itself, go on over to your local LS Dealership instead for that family feeling you may be missing.