The Top 15 Features of the New MT2 and MT2E

Want to learn more about our newest compact models? Keep reading as we dig deeper into the key features of our new MT2 and MT2E. These tractors were crafted and tested with the customer in mind and range from 25HP to 42HP with cab or ROPs options available. Our latest models not only have a sleek new look, but they also offer more power and reliability to help with daily tasks.

Improved Design & Customer-Considered Comfort

The most recognizable change for these models is the new sleek design that features a deeper blue, black accents, and gray rims along with features that focus on the comfort of the user.


  1. New hood design with the grill open space increased by 20%
  2. First model with LED head lights
  3. Upgraded control center with new handle, knob, switch, and audio system (Bluetooth radio)
  4. More storage space and bigger cup holder
  5. Cruise control
  6. Factory A/C cab available in a 25HP tractor
  7. Improved seat comfortability with higher headspace in cab model and armrests
  8. Improved forward visibility with arched roof and wiper position


Our new models take usability to the next level. With these innovative features, the New MT2 and MT2E ensures that users not only have a powerful machine and their disposal, but also a user-friendly interface to make the most out of every task.


  1. New TF-LCD instrument display panel showcasing various information like, regen time, oil change interval, etc. This feature helps the user know how the tractor is functioning and to plan for maintenance if needed.
  2. New E/G RPM interlocking switch (standard) allows for a quick boost in loader speed/lift by toggling the switch when working at low RPM.
  3. Auto-Deposition Chemical Coating for loader and backhoe. This new coating prevents rust on the MT2 series attachments.


You need a tractor that looks good and has powerful performance, right? With its increased loader lift capacity, these tractors are ready to tackle heavier loads with ease. The new backhoe digging depth sets a new standard, allowing for more extensive excavation.


  1. Increased loader lift capacity (at 1.5m height pivot pin) by 16-22%
  2. New backhoe offers a 4-point mount structure with increased digging depth by 30%
  3. 1” larger tire size with 4 different tire options
    • Industrial 27X8.50-15 / 43X16.00-20
    • Versa Turf 27X8.50-15 / 43X16.00-20
    • AG / Turf

Tested and Outperforms the Competitors

To guarantee excellence, we subjected the MT2 and MT2E to over 1,000 hours of rigorous testing in diverse locations across the United States. This tractor has really been all over; it was tested in Michigan, California, New York, Missouri, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. Through effective product testing and keeping the customer in mind when designing our new model, we have surpassed our competitors, setting a new standard for excellence.


  1. Tested 1,000+ hours