Free Loader Plus more!

Do you remember our free loader program? Basically, any time you buy a new LS Tractor, we will throw in a matching loader for free. Pretty simple right? Buy an MT1 for some chores at your house? BAM! Free Loader. Maybe you want a MT7 to help with some heavy lifting around your property: BAM! Free Loader. We could write a whole post just on the program (oh wait, we did. Click here to check it out). However, here at LS Tractor, we don’t stick to the status quo. We looked at the free loader program and thought “How can we make this even better”. Today, we are proud to unveil our new Free Loader Plus program.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “How can you get better than free?”. For a limited time, when you purchase a new LS Tractor from a participating dealer, you won’t have to make any payments for 3 months. That’s right, $0 for 3 months. Plus, you’ll still get your free loader.

Instead of paying for your new LS those 3 months, you can use that money to get your daughter the perfect prom dress (we recommend blue). You can take your significant other out for a fancy Valentines Dinner. You can even buy a carton of eggs with the money you saved. The best part is that you can use your free loader to carry around all of that sweet cash you will be saving for those 3 months. If financing a tractor isn’t for you, ask your dealer about how you could get up to $1000 in cash instead!

So what are you waiting for? This deal won’t be around forever so go visit your local LS Tractor dealer today and see how you can take advantage of our Free Loader Plus program. We can’t wait to welcome you to the LS Tractor Family. Just remember: once you Start Blue and see our amazing programs and service, you’ll want to Stay Blue forever.