A Quick Guide to Tractor Categories

Being a first-time buyer of anything can be stressful. In today’s world, everything is divided up into categories that offer customers a variety of choices. Do you want the HD TV, the Ultra HD TV, or the 4K TV? Do you want the Ranch house or the “could be haunted but let’s risk it” Victorian House? Tractor buying is no different. There are many different categories for you, but which one do you want? Lucky for you we’re here to help.

Category Levels

Tractor categories start at the lawn level and go all the way up to the agricultural level. Each manufacturer plays with the horsepower some, but at times you will find the same HP in every category, give or take a few outliers.

Lawn Tractors

Lawn Tractors are the babies of the tractor family. You may know these by their more familiar name: lawn mowers. Usually, these tractors don’t have a ton of HP and really do not offer many attachments. Their main function is to mow grass. It’s really cut and dry with lawn tractors: if you are just looking for something to cut grass with, these will be perfect. However, if you want to use implements, have more power, or be able to pull anything worth pulling, you may want to look at our next category.

Sub-Compact Tractors

So you looked at the Lawn Tractors and think you need something a little bigger. Welcome to the Sub-Compact category! Sub-Compacts offer the smaller size advantage of a lawn tractor but with the ability to use a wide range of implements or attachments. Here at LS, we offer our MT1 series in the Sub-Compact range. The MT125 has 24.7 HP and can lift over 1,000 pounds in it’s (currently free!) front loader. You also have the option to add a mid-deck mower, a backhoe, a snowblower, or any of our other range of implements!

Compact Tractors

Need more tractor? Then look no further than our next category: Compact Tractors. Compact Tractors can range in HP from 25 to 57 HP and are able to use even more implements. They also come with more options, such as factory installed cabs! Compact Tractors are our bread and butter at LS and we offer several different series to help with whatever you need. The category starts with the MT2 series, which ranges from 24.6 to 40 HP, and includes the MT3, which runs from 45 HP to 57 HP, depending on the model.

Utility Tractors

Finally, our last main group is the Utility category. These tractors are the hard-hitting workhorses you see on farms. We start out with the MT4 series, which comes with a cab or a ROPS, whichever you need! The MT4’s has a range of 58-68 Hp. Next up, we have the MT5, which weighs in at 73 horsepower. This beauty comes with a standard cab and climate control, so you can be comfortable in any climate. Closing out the Utility group is our flagship model, the MT7. It can lift over 5,000 LBS thanks to its 100.6 HP engine and durable frame. Your chores won’t stand a chance.

Find your New LS Tractor

Now that you have this cheat sheet for tractor categories, go see your local dealer and tell them what you will be using your new LS for. They can point you in the right direction and you can test drive a few models to see which one fits you best. If you want a more in-depth discussion about tractor categories, check out our first episode of Beyond the Cab by clicking here or by searching us on any major podcast platform!