How to Beat The Heat

It’s almost officially summer and you know what that means: longer days, family cookouts, and hot afternoons working outside. No matter what part of the nation you work in, that summertime heat can drain your energy and if you aren’t careful can send you directly to the hospital. So how can you stay cool while you get your work done? We’ve got your back.

One of the most important things to know is the warning signs of heat illness, which can quickly turn into heat stroke if you are not careful. If you start feeling weak or confused, dizzy, nauseous, or have cold, clammy skin with a fast heartrate, you need to take a break and drink some fluids immediately. If you ignore these signs, you will start showing heat stroke symptoms. They include a lack of sweating, vomiting, being disoriented, and rapid heartrate and breathing. If you or someone you know starts showing these symptoms, call 911 and move them to a shaded place immediately.

Now that you know what to watch for, let’s talk about how to avoid that and stay as cool as a cucumber. The best way to stay cool is to avoid being outside during the heat of the day, usually from noon to about 4 PM. Sadly, your work won’t finish itself so sometimes that is not an option.

If you have to be outside, wear loose, breathable clothes and a wide brimmed hat. Avoid dark colors and any heavy fabrics. Be sure to bring lots of water with you, along with an electrolyte replacement fluid if you will be sweating a lot. Finally, don’t be afraid to take a break every hour to let your body have a chance to cool down.

Another great way to beat the heat is to purchase a tractor with an air-conditioned cab and you’re in luck! Here at LS Tractor, our MT3 Series and higher are available with AC equipped cabs so you can take whatever Mr. Sun throws at you. So, crank that A/C and get to work so you can be grilling out poolside while your neighbors finish up their chores at night. If you’re nice, you can use your LS (which comes with a FREE front-end loader, by the way) to dig them up a pool to help stay cool but just remember: those burgers and brats won’t grill themselves.