Happy Employees Make Happier Customers

Raise your hand if you remember the “Happy Cows” commercials from the early 2000’s. If you don’t, here’s the basic gist. California’s cheese industry ran a campaign that said great cheese only comes from happy cows and the happiest cows were in California. Since the cows were happy in the California (or, as they should have called it, Cowifornia) sunshine, they automatically made better cheese. (This is also a great place to note that LS Tractor USA takes no stance on the apparent cheese war between California and Wisconsin. We love all cheeses equally.)  Cheese isn’t the only thing that’s made better by happy workers. Here at LS Tractor, we believe that happy employees also make better tractors!


Several times throughout the year, we hold teamwork and fellowship events. These events bring all of our departments together for a day of fun, fellowship, and of course, food. Earlier this month, our employees met to each paint a piece of our brand new LS Mural that will be displayed at our Battleboro, NC headquarters. Each piece is unique, but when put together makes up our LS Tractor logo. Painting not your thing? Don’t worry! We also have surprise pizza parties, a company holiday party, and many more opportunities to mingle and laugh with our team.

table of people doing a craft

Parties and events aren’t the only thing that makes a happy employee. Our fulltime employees are eligible for health insurance on day one. Employees are also eligible for vacation and personal time from day one as well! We understand that being happy means giving our team members the ability to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally.

Want to save some money? LS Team Members also have access to our marketplace full of discounts on everything from TV’s to pet insurance. You’ll never know what you’ll find!


Want to join our team? Just visit our website, lstractorusa.com, and click on the careers tab at the top of the page. We have several openings and will have more as we continue to grow so be sure to check on a regular basis! If great cheese comes from happy cows, then it just makes sense that great tractors come from a happy company. Having employee events, great healthcare and many more benefits are just a few reasons why LS tractor is a good place to work. A good place to work + happy employees = great tractors: that’s just simple math.