Blue Add Implement Program

LS Tractor is proud to announce special discounts! When you purchase a new LS tractor, you immediately quality for the BLUE ADD IMPLEMENT PROGRAM.  This gives you the ability to save on multiple units.  Stop by your local dealer and find more ways to save on reliable and market leading LS Tractors.

Blue Add Implement Program:



1 Implement

2 or More Implements

MT1 MT122 $100 $100
MT125 $100 $100
XJ XJ2025H $100 $100
MT2S MT225S $100 $100
MT2E MT225E, HE $100 $100
MT230E, 35E, 40E, HE $100 $100
MT3E MT345E, 50E, 55E, HE $100 $100
XR3100 XR3135, XR3140 $100 $100
 MT3 MT342, MT347 $100 $100
MT352, MT357 $100 $100
XU XU6158, XU6168 $200 $100
MT5 MT573 $200 $100
XP XP8084, XP8101 $200 $100
MT7 MT7101CPS $200 $100


*Incentive with purchase of qualifying implement including Rotary Tiller, Rotary Cutter, Land Grader, and Grass Catcher when ordered with compatible tractor. Incentive will be applied on a two (2) implement maximum.