Cash Rebate Incentive Canada

Right now, LS is offering up to $9,850 in cash rebates if you pay for your LS Tractor in cash! Cash for Cash! This offer is available on select models of LS Tractors. This cash rebate cannot be used in combination with the LS subsidized Wells Fargo or DLL retail financing.

If you are in the market for a brand-new LS Tractor and can’t decide between financing or paying in cash…it might be beneficial to pay in cash. Act now because this incentive is only available for a limited time!

To get started, stop by your local dealer to start the process today.* Please contact your local dealer for full details.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by your dealer to get yourself a brand-new LS Tractor with the Cash Rebate Incentive Program today!

Not looking to purchase your new LS Tractor with cash? No worries! LS Tractor offers a wide array of financial offerings that will still leave you with plenty of budget-friendly options! Just swing by a participating dealer for more information.




Cash Rebate (loader included)

MT1 MT122 $3,700
MT125 $3,700
XJ XJ2025H $3,700
MT2S MT225S $4,100
MT2E MT225E $4,100
MT230E, MT235E, MT240E $4,100
MT3E MT345E, MT350E, MT355E $4,700
 MT3 (35-40) MT335, MT340 $4,700
MT4 (42-57) MT342, MT347 $5,600
MT352, MT357 $5,600
MT4 MT458, MT468 $6,600
MT4 MT463C/PS/CPS, MT473C/PS/CPS $7,650
MT5 MT573C/CPS $7,650
MT7 MT774CPS, MT7101CPS $9,850
MT2 (26-32) MT226E/HE/ED, MT232H/E/HE $3,900
MT2 (26-42) MT226HEC, MT232HC/HEC, MT242HC/HEC $4,550
MT242H/E/HE MT242E/E/HE $4,550


Offer available for a limited time only. Offer only valid upon purchase of a new qualifying tractor from a participating dealer’s in-stock inventory. Subject to dealer participation and participating dealer inventory. Some exceptions apply. This material is for descriptive purposes only. LS Tractor USA, LLC disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, or any liability from the use of this material. Offer may not be valid in all provinces or situations. Residency restrictions may apply. All promotions and terms may change or end at any time without notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply. See participating dealer for details.  For complete warranty, disclaimer, safety, incentive offer and product information, see participating dealer.