Recipient of the 2015 Dealers Choice Award Is… LS Tractor USA!

LS Tractor USA was awarded the NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Award this year.

NAEDA(The North American Equipment Dealers Association) established the Dealer’s Choice Awards to recognize manufacturers who have done an exemplary job in supporting the dealer-manufacturer relationship and specifically the dealers’ operational elements within the distribution process.

Dealers rate the companies whose products they represent on 12 key categories of dealership operations and support. LS Tractor USA won the first prize in the 11 categories among global tractor manufacturers, such as Kubota. Especially, LS Tractor USA has scored 6.21, better than John Deere 5.50 on a scale of 1 to 7 in the Overall satisfaction.

More than 6,000 dealers participated in the survey, and were asked to rate up to five manufacturer lines they carry in the following 12 categories;

▷Overall satisfaction, ▷Product availability, ▷Product Quality, ▷Product technical support, ▷Parts availability, ▷Parts quality, ▷Return privileges, ▷Communications with management, ▷Warranty procedures, ▷Warranty payments, ▷Marketing and advertising support, ▷Manufacturer response to dealer needs and concerns.

Winning the Dealer’s Choice Award means a great deal to all of us at LS Mtron and we are grateful for this recognition and the confidence in North America. LS Mtron is going to focus on improvements on support in the field and superior product development.