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22HP and 25HP sub-compact 4WD tractors powered with fuel-efficient engines with 2 range Hydrostatic transmission. Sub-compact chassis allows maneuvering in small, confined spaces and are designed for maximum versatility with available front end loader, mid-mount mower and backhoe--all of which can be attached to the tractor at the same time. These tractors are tailored for small landowners, horse stall owners and commercial users. Each model includes more standard features and boasts superior performance at a lower price than the competition.

MT1 Series

A true sub-compact chassis tractor with exceptional versatility and performance.

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  • Engine HP - 24.7
  • PTO HP - 17.2
  • Transmission - 2 range HST
  • 3-Point Lift Capacity - 970 lbs.
  • Loader Lift Capacity - 886 lbs.
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