LS Tractor Financing

Choose the Option that’s Best for You

LS Tractor offers qualified customers the convenience of on-site retail financing and leasing through independent, outside lenders.  Or, if you prefer, choose your own retail financing.  Either way, you can rest assured we have your best interests in mind. This is because we don’t make any money off your choice of financing. We are a neutral party and we offer third party financing plans for your convenience.

“O% Financing” & “Instant Rebate Discount” Options

Financing LS TractorLS Tractor USA offers a variety of financing options to meet the needs of our customers including “0% Financing” for up to 84 months and an “Instant Cash Rebate Discount” option with standard financing rates.

While 0% financing may sound attractive, using our Instant Cash Rebate Discount and standard rate financing or using your own source of financing, may be more advantageous for you.  By opting for the Instant Cash Rebate Discount in lieu of the 0% financing, you can lower your purchase price, lower the amount being financed, lower the amount of any applicable sales tax and lower the cost of insurance.  By financing a significantly lower amount, your monthly payments can actually be lower.  And your early payoff balance can be significantly less.

Look at the Bottom Line. Compare Drive-Out Prices and Monthly Payments

So, when shopping for your tractor and equipment, make sure to get all the information and look at the bottom line. Make sure you add in:

  • The sales price of the tractor
  • The cost of extra features needed to outfit your tractor
  • The cost of attachments
  • The amount of your down payment
  • All document and other fees including sales tax amount, insurance cost (if adding through the lender), the amount financed, interest rate, term and the monthly payment.

Then, compare “drive-out” prices, the amount financed and your monthly payments. When all is said and done, more people are discovering that you get more with LS Tractor. More tractor, more features, and more value.