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Understand Your Finance Options

Choose What’s Best For You

With LS Tractor, qualified customers can either choose the convenience of on-site retail financing and leasing through independent, outside lenders or, you can choose your own retail financing source like your own bank or credit union. Either way, you can be assured we have your best interest in mind. LS Tractor doesn’t own or have interest in a retail financing company like other brands, so we don’t make money off your choice of financing. We encourage you to learn about your options, rates and terms.

Financing Options

LS Tractor USA offers a variety of financing options to meet the needs of our customers, including 0% APR financing options, or use the retail finance lender of your choice. Visit your local LS Tractor dealer for the most current offers, rates and financing options to select the one that best suits your needs.

Compare Prices and Monthly Payments

When shopping for your tractor and equipment, make sure to get all the detailed information that clearly show you:

  • The sales price of the tractor including all features you want to outfit your tractor and any implements
  • All document and other fees including sales tax amount, insurance cost (if adding through the lender)
  • The amount financed, interest rate, term and the monthly payment

Then, compare “drive-out” prices, the amount financed and your monthly payments. More and more people are discovering that they get more for less money with LS Tractor using our Instant Rebate rather than the 0% financing programs offered by other brands. Talk to your LS Tractor dealer and see what’s best for you.